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Diggin In The Crates

Created by two college professors from North Carolina A&T State University, Ernest D. Hooker and Terrance McAdoo, "Diggin In The Crates" was created to give listeners snapshots of the history and culture of Hip Hop. With various shows such as The Hooker and McAdoo Show, Balanced Behavior, and the Primetime Sports podcast, DITC offers its audience a fresh way to experience black culture. 

Balanced Behavior

Balanced Behavior is one of the segments "Diggin In The Crates" hosts once a week, every Wednesday. The show centers around discussions on life, family, and relationships. In this episode, both co hosts, couples Brooke and Xavier, covers a viral Facebook question: Are women expected to put out after a day, particularly if it's expensive?

The Hooker and McAdoo Show | OC from NC Interview 

As the videographer and video editor, I captured the interview between the Burlington native, OC from NC, and co-hosts Hooker and McAdoo where they discuss a passion for music, a breakdown of the artist's lyrics, and more. 

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