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Ninos de Nueva Esperanza

As the teams video lead, I was in charge of gathering video and audio content for our client's website. After spending a week in Dorado, I produced five videos, with help from the team, that gave the essence of who Ninos de Nueva Esperanza (NNE) is. 

My roles: Director, Video Editor, Video Producer, Production Designer, Audio Engineer, Camera Operator


Quien Somos (Who We Are)

This video shows who NNE is as a non profit on the inside and out. Michelle Rodriguez, the current Executive Director of NNE, talks about what motivates her and the rest of the staff to work in the nonprofit. 


Programas y Eventos (Programs and Events)

This video shows the different programs NNE has to offer for the children who live in impoverished areas. There are few coordinators of different programs that talk about [it] in depth.


Nuestro Impacto (Our Impact)

"Our Impact" reflects on how NNE has made a positive difference in not only the children's lives, but the staff's lives as well. 


Involucrate (Get Involved)

The staff of NNE answers the question, "If you could explain NNE in one word, what would it be?" Their answers reflect the amount of impact they have noticed in others when working at NNE. 

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